A New Brand – Emblem Bike Co.

A couple of weeks ago, Craig Pelletier approached me regarding his new company, Emblem Bike Co., and their ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Intrigued, especially regarding their idea to allow users to customize their bikes with a range of components, I talked to Craig a few days ago to get to know more about their products and services.



“I wanted to be sure what I was getting was what I was actually looking for.”

The idea behind Emblem Bike Co. and their upcoming website is to give customers more of a say in what goes on their bikes, to make the product more suited to individual desires. Craig mentioned that when buying from an unnamed website, he was unable to really find the bike with the specifications he desired (i.e. fork type, geometry, etc.). He said, “I wanted to be sure what I was getting was what I was actually looking for.”

So he and some friends started Emblem Bike Co. to allow people to get more of an interactive experience when picking a bicycle as they, with the website interface, will be able to virtually build it themselves.


They’ve designed a number of frames, working closely with the manufacturers to develop frames for a number of different needs, from fixie riders (Corsair) to weight weenies (Herald) to commuting or just fun (Citadel and Crown).

Emblem Corsair, click picture for link

Get much more detail from theirĀ framexplanations.

Crowdsourcing a frame design

One of the main purposes for the Kickstarter is to get the community involved in an opportunity to collectively design another frame. Backers will be able to be a part of the entire design process as Emblem will use their feedback and votes to develop a frame with their community in mind. This would be a responsive development process as members will be able to make decisions on quite a number of design elements.

What the money goes towards

The money people put into this Kickstarter campaign will go towards the design of the new frame as well as the significant costs to developing and securing their website interface that will have the features discussed above.

If you’re interested in getting some more information about this new brand and their vision, head over to their Kickstarter page.